New Podcasts and new season for Four Brains

Hi, this is Bradley J Kornish, here to inform you that we have started recording new episodes of “Four Brains One Movie”. It has been more than 6 months since our last podacst, so I thought I would share a little news, and what to expect.

First off, we will be continuing the Four Brains podcast, with at least 2 shows a month. The four brains regulars; Frankie Saxx and Dan Pullen, will be joining me along with special guests for each episode. The episodes will either focus on a particular movie in the horror/exploitation/experimental catagories we like to focus on, and on occasion we will do themed episodes. For example, to kick off the new season, we will be focusing on Cannibal films for the next few episodes… in a series we are calling ‘a cannibal summer’.

This first episode, titled ‘The Art of Eating People’ will be a discussion about arthouse and independently minded films dealing with or featuring cannibalism.

One of the films we will be discussing is Bob Balliban’s 1989 film ‘Parents’, and to start things off, we will be joined by the movie genius known as Marcus Pinn, of Pinnland Empire…

Marcus has been a guest on my ‘Dinner with Lynch’ podacst and now has a regular podcast of his own ‘Zebras in America’… dont forget to also listen to and support some of the other great movie podcasts out there… some favorites being Hellbent for Horror – Astro Radio Z – Flixwise and Wrong Reel with James Hancock.

Finally, just a warning, it’s true that Frankie, Dan and I love movies, especially fucked up movies… however we are not exactly movie experts… we are all actually writers of fiction. I write dark fiction and horror… lots of it inspired by movies and film. We at Four Brains think a fiction writers approach to film discussion will bring something unique that hasn’t necessarily been done before. You can find all of our podcasts as well as some of our writing here at our blog

Thank You – BJK